Tuesday, 20 November 2012 07:35

Over the past 2 weekends, members of the Glasgow Middle School and Glasgow High School Bands have been auditioning for the 2013 All-District Band.  Students were required to play prepared music along with scales and sight-reading music for a panel of judges.  This year, Mr. Doug Smith GMS Director and Corey Bonds, GHS Director are thrilled to announce their results for this esteemed event.


11th & 12th Grade Band


Kayla Hall--2nd Chair Flute, Recommended for 2nd Round

Kiera Mayes--8th Chair Flute, Recommended for 2nd Round

Ashleigh McBride--2nd Chair Oboe, Recommended for 2nd Round

Chase Stewart--2nd Chair Bassoon, Recommended for 2nd Round

Jalasia Tobin--1st Alternate Bassoon

Trevor Edwards--3rd Chair Clarinet, Recommended for 2nd Round

Katelyn Rushing--10th Chair Clarinet

Jessica McCorkle--11th Chair Clarinet

Kaitlyn Hale--2nd Alternate Bass Clarinet

Sydney Norman--1st Chair Alto Saxophone, Recommended for 2nd Round

Evan Bartley--Recommended for 2nd Round

Griffin Botts--1st Chair Horn, Recommended for 2nd Round

Aaron Cambron--4th Chair Horn, Recommended for 2nd Round

John Shadowen--4th Chair Trombone, Recommended for 2nd Round

Taylor Workman--Recommended for 2nd Round

Simon McBride--Recommended for 2nd Round



9th & 10th Grade Band


Tiffany Pritchard--9th Chair Flute


Keely Largent--12th Chair Flute


Kelly Lynch--4th Chair Clarinet


Alison Cambron--12 Chair Clarinet


Catherine Elleman--2nd Chair Bass Clarinet


Greg Hayes--1st Alternate Bass Clarinet


Hunter Lindsey--1st Chair Alto Saxophone


Evan Bartley--1st Alternate Tenor Saxophone


Stefania-D'Ettorre--9th Chair Trumpet


Abriana Page--1st Alternate Trumpet


Jacob Cooper--3rd Chair Horn


Chase Meador--6th Chair Horn


Dylan Martin--4th Chair Trombone


Daniel Bannister--8th Chair Trombone


Taylor Workman--2nd Chair Euphonium


Simon McBride--3rd Chair Tuba




7th & 8th Grade Students


Ryan Garmon--3rd Chair Flute


Breanna Erickson--6th Chair Flute


Courtney Hale--8th Chair Flute


Tess Hatton--10th Chair Flute


Katie Jones--12th Chair Flute


Madeline Hostrom--3rd Chair Oboe


Grayson Martin--1st Chair Clarinet


Bennett Pack--5th Chair Clarinet


Sarah Garrett--11th Chair Clarinet


Tamisha Sanders--18th Chair Clarinet


Langford Lessenberry--1st Alternate Clarinet


Ashland Page--3rd Chair Alto Saxophone


Parker Cassady--3rd Chair Tenor Saxophone


Clay York--1st Alternate Tenor Saxophone


Josh Garrett--3rd Chair Trumpet


Marian McBride--11th Chair Trumpet


Ethan Shepard--13th Chair Trumpet


Wyatt Griffin--1st Chair Horn


Riley Fudge--9th Chair Trombone


Connor Birge--4th Chair Tuba


Briana Brooks--1st Chair Mallets


Anish Patel--2nd Chair Mallets


Mason Wade--3rd Chair Mallets


Jared Hall--1st Chair Snare


Austin Clark--4th Chair Snare


Madison Jessee--1st Alternate Snare


Kaleah Francis--2nd Alternate Timpani




All totaled, Glasgow's Band Program has 47 Chair Placements and 9 Alternates, totaling 56 total honored students.  This is a great accomplishment for these individual students and great representation for the Glasgow Independent School District!  Congratulations to all these wonderful students for their hard work and achievements!







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