Election Candidates File as Deadline Passes PDF Print
Tuesday, 28 January 2014 16:23

Barren County Clerk- Republican Joanne London will run unopposed.

Barren County Attorney-Jeff Sharp will run unopposed.

Barren County Judge Executive-8 Have Filed

Democrats- Brian Scott Taylor, W.R. Bud Tarry, Dr. Chris Steward, Zack Kender, and Michael Hale.

Republicans- David Honeycutt, Don "Goose" Gossett, and Bob Strickland.


Barren County Sheriff-4 Have Filed

Democrats- Kent Keen, Dennis Stephens, and Shannon White

Republican- Charles Massey Jr.


Barren County Jailer- 4 Have Filed

Democrats- Matt Mutter and Justin Kirkpatrick

Republicans- Rickey Spillman and Robert "Bob" Wing


Glasgow Mayor-Nonpartisan Race-4 Have Filed

Rhonda Trautman, Dick Doty, David Slayton, and Joe Ganci.

Glasgow City Council-Nonpartisan-17 Have Filed...for 12 Seats

Robert Barbour, Joe Trigg, Sheila W. Oliver, Stacy Norman Hammer, James "Happy" Neal,

Chasity Veach Lowery, Harold Carmack, Freddie Norris, Wendell Honeycutt, Marlin Witcher,

Karalee Pelham Oldenkamp, Brad Groce, John "Jake" Dickinson, Bill Sadler, Ben Bucher,

Shawn Hale, and Marna Kirkpatrick.


Barren County Magistrate-24 Have Filed

District 1- John Benningfield will run unopposed.

District 2- Democrats- John "Dickie" Barrick, Trent Riddle, Steve Russell, Walter Mansfield, and

Joe Mark Staples.

Republican- Tony Copas

District 3- Democrats- Jessie Thomas and Derrick Williams

Republican- Carl Dickerson

District 4- Democrats- Doug Isenberg, Jeff Thompson, Charles D. Watkins, and Trevor Phillips.

Republicans- David Irwin and Jack London.

District 5- Democrats- Gary Gillon, William Henry Brown, and Richard Harbison.

Republican- Brandin Bartley

District 6- Democrats- Charles Allen and Billy Hampton.

District 7- Democrats- Billy Houchens and Scott Stephens.


Barren County Constable-16 Have Filed

District 1- Democrats- Wendel  Houchens and Michael Sublett.

District 2- Democrats- J.D. Glass and Jeffrey Basil.

District 3- Democrat- Mark T. Oliver

Republican- Charles David Bunch

District 4- Democrat- Charles Shaw will run unopposed.

District 5- Democrats- Gary Allen Thomas and Christopher Furlong.

Republican- Wes Kinslow

District 6- Democrats- Jason Logsdon, Christopher W. Adwell, Patrick Poynter, and Mark T. Weyler.

Republican- Lester Carney

District 7- Democrat- George "Buddy" Houchens will run unopposed.


Coroner- Mike Swift will run unopposed as a Democrat

PVA- Brad Bailey will run unopposed as a Democrat


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