2014 Sweethearts of The Year Winners! Best Married Couple Under 50 PDF Print
Friday, 14 February 2014 10:15

After judging hundreds of nominees, we at WCLU have chosen the winners for the 2014 Sweethearts of the Year Contest.

The Winning Couple is Wesley and Amanda Medley!

Here is their story:

We met and started dating on April 11, 1995 and yes, I do believe in love at first sight. We met at Gethsemane Baptist Church. I was a Junior at Barren County High and she was a Freshman at Glasgow High School. We somehow managed to overlook the cross town rivalry. Upon graduating high school, I joined the Army. We got engaged in the Fall of 1996. My first duty assignment was luckily at Fort Knox. I came home every weekend that I was able to. Then the orders came for me to be reassigned to a base in Germany. Amanda and I both promised each other that we would stick together through this and we did.

Amanda graduated high school in May of 1998 and we got married July 11, 1998, at the same church that we met in. She sacrificed just about everything so we could be together. She put off going to college and starting her career, so we could be together overseas. A lot of people told us that we were too young to get married and it would never work, but it did because we were committed.

Being a young newlywed couple overseas, is in my opinion, the reason we have such a great relationship. We had to learn how to depend on each other, because we could not run home to momma or daddy when things and times got tough.

During the course of my time in the Army, she endured many hardships that all military spouses have to deal with, such as my long hours away from home, deployments etc. She was left many times on her own to take care of finances, home and auto repairs and most importantly, raise our children.

I decided after 10 years in the Army, to pursue my goal in law enforcement, in which Amanda gave me her full support.

She was once again on her own, while I was away for 18 weeks at the Department of Criminal Justice police academy in Richmond. After four years, what did I do? I had to leave her and the children again. This time it was  for 23 weeks while I attended the KSP Academy, while I pursued my lifelong dream of becoming a Kentucky State Trooper. She being the person she is, stuck by me and and supported me 110%, just like she always did.

This July will be our 16th wedding anniversary. Amanda has been with me every step of the way and has sacrificed and set aside so much for me. I think she deserves to be rewarded now. Submitting this for the contest was not so much about me, but about her and giving her a chance to finally be recognized and rewarded. Thank you for your consideration.



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