Sunday, 09 March 2014 10:39

As a member of Kentucky State Police Cadet Class #1 in 1948, Chester Potter was a ground floor witness to the birth and growth of the organization.  After retiring 27 years ago, Potter now 83, says he can still recall those ‘trailblazing’ days.

Potter says back then the training lasted about three weeks in Frankfort.  He added that since there were no radios they would have to call in by phone every so often and knew folks in the area that would let Troopers use their phones.

Overall, Potter says he had many nice experiences as a state trooper and some that weren’t so nice. He shared one instance where he was slipping around a house trying to locate a murder suspect, and the next thing he knew he was looking down the barrel of a double barreled shotgun. Potter said the guy had a real mean look in his eyes and was kind of grinning and said, ‘You know I’ve always wanted to know how a person feels when they are about to die. Can you tell me?’ Potter replied “if you’re talking to me, I don’t feel too good.”  Potter says it all turned out ok because he is still here to talk about it.

Another time, Potter remembers driving by a little country store and seeing a truck with a Georgia license plate and two guys wearing cowboy hats that Potter said cost more than my whole outfit.  The men who got into a Cadillac had been buying sugar for what turned out to be an illegal moonshine operation on a cattle farm in Central Kentucky.

Potter, who said he hadn’t planned to go into law enforcement is now glad that he did.  Being the last member of the 1st Cadet Class, last week Potter was presented with a certificate naming him Colonel, Aide de Camp to the Commissioner’s staff.









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