Guthrie in Glasgow-Says Tax and Energy Reform are Key To Jobs and Economy PDF Print
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 05:21

Congressman Brett Guthrie hosted a “Town Hall” meeting last night at the TJ Health Pavilion’s Community Room.  A large crowd gathered to hear the congressman speak on the issues at hand.  Guthrie touched on many issues including healthcare and foreign military strategy.  On a more regional level, Guthrie answered questions from a local businessman who asked what the biggest issue affecting Kentuckians is.  Guthrie replied that it was jobs and the economy.  He noted two different factors.  The first factor was that he felt the tax structure on businesses is too complicated and allows big corporations an unfair advantage.


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The other factor he pointed out was energy, saying by changing our policies on energy we change the dynamic of the global economy.


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When a local physician asked about affordable health care, Guthrie also noted that he couldn’t fathom how doctors are able to sustain cash flow in their businesses because it takes several months for health insurance companies to pay for healthcare services.  He stated that he believed that individuals should be able to buy health insurance across state lines; that industries should be able to subsidize state insurance pools; and, that employers should be able to create health savings accounts for employees.  Guthrie said his goal is to make the system work better.


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