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OCTOBER 2, 1930

Mr. D. Holmes has sold his restaurant on West Main Street to Mr. L. B. Doyle, who takes charge this morning.  Mr. Doyle has been City Marshal for several years, and report has it that he will resign his office, to take effect next Tuesday night when the Council meets.
Horse Cave Garage Burned. The large garage in Horse Cave, known as the Henry Garage, was burned Sunday night, causing heavy damage.  The building is a large brick, and many cars are always stored there.  The fire was discovered before it had assumed much headway, and it is said that about 40 cars were taken from the building by the rear entrance.  Only one new car is said to have burned.  The loss is estimated at about $25,000.
Marriage Licenses:  Eaker Woods – Hallie Bundy, both of Glasgow, Route 2
     Robert Campbell – Venda Hunter, both of Cave City
     C. F. Franklin – Wallace Greenup, both of Glasgow 
We stop the press to say we have just been informed that Mr. Larry Depp and Miss Violet Grinstead were married in Bowling Green this morning.  Mr. Depp is the son of Mrs. Oren Depp, and his bride is the charming daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Grinstead.  We assume they will make their home in Glasgow – at least, we hope that they will.
At the meeting of the City Council Tuesday night, Mr. Pate Walkup, who has been Policeman for several years, was made City Marshal, and Mr. Gene Wooten, who has been Acting Deputy Marshal for a few weeks, was made full Policeman.
AD.  Winter Coats…$4.98 to $12.75.  Smartly tailored coats that wear and wear… and fur-trimmed coats for “dress-up” occasions.  The materials and workmanship are the best to be found at these prices.  Miss 7-to-14 and her mother both will be pleased with these exceptional coat values.  J. C. PENNEY & CO., WEST MAIN STREET, GLASGOW.

OCTOBER 9, 1930

Dr. and Mrs. C. G. Depp of Hiseville announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Jennie Elizabeth, to Dr. Paul S. York, a highly accomplished young physician who has lately located in Glasgow.  Miss Depp is one of the most charming young ladies of the community, and Glasgow is fortunate in securing the citizenship of this excellent couple.  The wedding will be solemnized in late November.
Glasgow is responding generously to the Red Cross drive.  When Mr. Ed N.  Caldwell went to the overall factory (the Washington Manufacturing Company) and made a brief statement to the workers, Mr. Ashburrer, the manager, explained that no one would be expected to subscribe and, unless they felt able to do so, advised them not to subscribe.  The result was that of the 160 workers, about
one-third subscribed – a generous donation under the circumstances.
Miss Gwendolyn Holman and Mr. Brents Dickinson were married last Friday in Bowling Green.  Mr. Dickinson is our popular City Judge, a son of Mrs. B. G. Dickinson, and he is a very promising attorney.  Mrs. Dickinson is one of Glasgow’s most accomplished and beautiful young women, a daughter of Mrs. Henry Holman of Beckton.  For some time she has been stenographer for Attorney John E. Richardson and Judge Basil Richardson.  No two young people in Glasgow stand higher in the estimation of the community than do Judge and Mrs. Dickinson.  Following a brief wedding trip, they will return to this place and occupy an apartment in St. Mary’s Court.
At the meeting of the State Highway Commission on Tuesday, the Fiscal Court of Cumberland County was authorized to proceed to condemn the right-of-way from Burkesville to Albany.  This evidences that the State Highway Commission will proceed to build this much needed section, which is the only connecting link uncompleted between Glasgow and Burnside, and it is very necessary for this road to be completed.
Television in Homes Soon.  Today it is possible to state, rather than prophesy, that by the next presidential election in 1932, men and women from Maine to California can, in the comfort of their homes, watch the face of the President-elect as he delivers his inaugural address.  By 1939, television will be in the homes in the form of moving pictures, to be received upon an apparatus enclosed in a cabinet similar to the present radio cabinet with the exception that it will have an opening with curtains resembling a miniature stage.

OCTOBER 16, 1930

An Attempted Holdup.  On the road between Walnut Shade and Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, five men last week tried to hold up Mr. James H. Newman, president of the Monroe County Deposit Bank.  When he saw what was about to happen, he told his driver to “step on the gas,” and he did so, driving by and away as fast as wheels would turn.  It was a bold trick in broad daylight and was only a short distance from where Marion Bilbry, Davidson Bros. truck driver, disappeared a few weeks ago.
In the LeGrande oil field, up to noon yesterday, seven big wells had come in, all of them flowing wells, and another was expected in yesterday evening.  There are hosts of oil men in the field, and many holes drilled in.  Just what it will amount to cannot be told yet, but it looks like the greatest oil strike ever brought in, in this part of the country.
Marriage Licenses Issued:
 Harry F. Barnes – Luta B. Moran, both of Cave City
 L. D. Robertson – Nola Mary Coffey, both of Horse Cave
 Jesse Bellamy, Smiths Grove – Ollie Rigsby, Glasgow, Route 4
 Hubert Woodcock, Glasgow, Route 7 – Sara Cawthorn, Glasgow, Route 5
 Edgar Paul Crews – Lucille Martin, both of Glasgow, Route 4
Mrs. Lee Milburn, together with 11 of the parents, took the choir of 15 boys and girls to Bowling Green last Friday to the 3rd District Association.  The parents prepared lunches, and it was a real picnic dinner despite the cool day.  Mrs. Milburn was proud of her group as they were complimented by dozens of people and were quite impressive in their green and white uniforms.  After lunch the group visited various places of scenery but the last and best of all was a tour of the pleasure yacht, the “Taska-Joyce,” owned by Frank B. Russell of Louisville. Mr. Russell has many friends in Glasgow and, upon learning that the choir was from this area, he invited the entire group onto his yacht.
School Notes.  Mary Elizabeth and Maurice Bush, who suffered a considerable shake-up in an automobile wreck more than a week ago, are back in school -----
Edgar Lee Ford, who was hurt Sunday afternoon by a car, is able to be home from the hospital.-----Trigg Lynn and Evelyn Post are back in school after several days’ absence on account of sickness.

OCTOBER 23, 1930

Long Trip for Boy.  It is well known here that Mr. Irl Sanders, one of our citizens, is a gatekeeper at one of the locks on the Panama Canal.  The school his children have to attend is nine miles from the residence, and so Mr. and Mrs. Sanders decided to send their 13-year-old son, Irl Jr, back to live with his grandmother, Mrs. Ellen Sanders, so that he could attend the Glasgow schools.  Consequently, he was put on board a ship bound for New York, where he landed, then took a train for Glasgow, and arrived here last week.  On Monday morning, he started to school.  Rather a long trip for a 13-year-old boy, but in these days almost any boy could circle the globe alone if he is bright and has the “chink.”
Marion Bilbry, the Davidson Bros. truck driver who has been missing since October 8 and was feared dead, is very much alive.  He has returned home and, after telling several versions of his so-called kidnapping, he finally admitted that the whole thing was a hoax which he had planned because he “wanted to travel some and see the country.”  If any man acted a fool, Bilbry did, and he caused his family a lot of grief and the County a lot of time and effort in searching for him; however, he made financial settlement with Davidson Bros. and it does not appear likely that he will be prosecuted.
Mrs. May Totty, wife of Professor W.M. Totty, Superintendent of Barren County Schools, died at the family residence here last Friday at the age of 46.  She is survived by her father, Mr. George W. Johnson, and three brothers and four sisters.  Mrs. Totty was born and reared in the Coral Hill country and for many years was a prominent teacher who was held in the highest esteem by her associates and patrons.
From Willow Shade.  This community has been visited the past week by Old Jack Frost, but he is a very liberal fellow for waiting until almost everyone was ready to greet him.-----Mr. Johnnie Wilson, who has been spending some time here, has returned to his home in Strawn, Illinois for corn shucking.
AD.  Rare Rug Bargains.  We have been fortunate in securing an assortment of splendid rugs in all sizes at prices that will enable us to sell them as bargains.  These rugs are of unique design and are beautifully colored.  They have a depth of soft nap and will outwear a lifetime.  If you want a real good rug for little money, you must come and get one of ours.  F. P.WILLIAMS COMPANY,    FUNERAL DIRECTORS – FURNITURE – AMBULANCE SERVICE.



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