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MARCH 5, 1931

Ex-Deputy Caught.  Mr. Charlie Jones, former deputy jailer under Mr. Lee Woodcock  and a brother-in-law to Mr. Woodcock, was taken to Bowling Green Monday by Mr. Cair Wade, Deputy U. S. Marshal, and released under a $500 bond to appear at Bowling Green at the regular term in May to answer to a charge of bootlegging.
Smith and Ellis Name of New Law Firm in Glasgow.  Messrs. E. H. Smith and George J. Ellis Jr. have formed a partnership for the practice of law and will occupy the room at the corner drug store heretofore occupied by Mr. Smith.
From Union Hill:  There were several attending the wood getting at Mr. Payton Miller’s on Thursday afternoon.-----Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Carter made a trip to Tompkinsville Thursday and Mrs. Carter spent the night with her daughter Bessie, who is attending school there.-----Those from this school who took the County Diploma Exam were Mr. Arlie Fish and Misses Floe Jackson and Pearl Carter, and they all made passing grades.
Death of Henry Raubold.  Announcement is made of the death of Mr. Henry Raubold of Dallas, Texas at the age of 57 years.  It seems almost impossible that Henry, who was born and reared in Glasgow and is remembered by so many as a young man, was 57.  He is survived by one brother, Mr. Ted Raubold of Houston, Texas, and one sister.

MARCH 12, 1931

Glasgow to Have New Greenhouse.  Mr. E. L. Kerley has sold his lot on the corner of Washington and Liberty to Mr. T. L. Metcalfe of Hopkinsville, who will erect a greenhouse in the near future.  Mr. Metcalfe operated his first greenhouse in Hopkinsville and has extended his businesses to Madisonville, Kentucky, and Clarksville, Union City, Murfreesboro and McMinnville, Tennessee.  Mr. Metcalfe has been for many years in the floral business, and on his first visit to Glasgow was completely “sold” on the “Biggest Little City in Kentucky.”
Glasgow Boys Win Class “A” Championship in Tournament.  Playing through one of the most successful of all 12th District Tournaments, Glasgow came through with flying colors, defeating Center, Scottsville, and Slick Rock.  The Scottsville
MARCH 12, 1931 (Cont’d)

game was one of the most exciting games of the entire tournament, being tied in the last few seconds of play and won in the overtime period.  It was a shot by Greathouse that tied the score, but it was that everlasting teamwork of every bloomin’ soul that won the game.
Mr. C. C. Wilson, an attorney from Smithland, Kentucky, has established himself in Glasgow for the practice of law.
Two local men have been arrested in Harlan County for the theft of 72 pistols from the 123rd Cavalry Armory here some weeks ago.  They have been taken to Louisville and placed in jail to await trial in the U. S. Court.  Seeing there was no hope of escape, they have made open confession without trial and have been sentenced to serve three years each in the Federal penitentiary in Atlanta.  These two were caught with the goods, but they were not the only guilty ones; the others were slick enough to hide the stolen pistols and so escaped detection.
Washington Overall Company Is Going Strong.  Mr. G. W. Comer of Nashville, president of the Washington Manufacturing Company, was in town yesterday and reports his company as having a fine business. The branch here in Glasgow is in full blast, with 165 on the payroll.  This speaks mighty well, both for the company and our community.  Think what it means to our people for 165 wage earners in this one industry.  Think how many families are fed and clothed by the wages from this one company.  Glasgow should be very proud to have this splendid industry in our midst.

MARCH 19, 1931

Mr. Russell “Crooks” Francis began his new duties as all time fireman and fire inspector for Glasgow on Monday.  Mr. Francis has been connected to the Fire Department for several years and is thoroughly qualified for his new responsibilities.
Slick Rock Girls Win Regional Tournament at Bowling Green.  As most of us know, Slick Rock is a small rural school which has within the last few years been made a junior high school.  They have no gymnasium, and the only ball court is the “old field” in front of the school building.  These girls have played thirty games and lost only two.  They have won the “B” Championship in the district tournament four consecutive years and this time won in the regional tournament at Bowling Green and will go to Lexington this week to play in the state tournament.
AD.  Terry’s Quality Shop.  Special Easter Offering.  Easter Greetings!  Only Few Weeks Ahead.  We have on display a most wonderful collection of Dresses, Coats, Blouses, Silk Hosiery, Silk Undies, Gloves, Bags, Corsets, Necklaces, Silks, Wash Fabrics – in fact, every department is awaiting your selection.  Silk Dresses for Street, Afternoon, Bridge, Receptions, Sunday Night Dinners, Formal Evening Wear, at prices to please everyone.  From $6.95 to $29.75.  The styles and shades are nothing less than beautiful.                      ----------
There have been only two engineers who became President of the United States –
George Washington and Herbert Hoover.  The 200th anniversary of George Washington’s birthday will find the city that was named for him being developed, under the trained eye and hand of President Hoover, into the most impressive seat of government in the entire world.
From Logan’s Cross Roads:  The tacky party at Mr. Gilbert Jones’ home on Saturday night was enjoyed by a large crowd.  Mr. Ralph Strode won the prize for having the tackiest costume.

MARCH 26, 1931

Clicking telegraph instruments made possible the marriage of a girl in Minneapolis to a man in Anchorage, Alaska.  The bride stood beside the telegraph key of an operator in the Western Union office at Minneapolis while the minister asked questions and received her answers and those of the unseen groom, who stood with witnesses in the railway telegraph office in Anchorage, while snow eddied and drifted outside, and heard the entire ceremony from the telegraph operator.  After the ceremony, the bride started on the long trip to join her husband.  The Western Union was organized only fifty years ago, is now circling the globe, and was used to marry a couple thousands of miles apart.  What will be its accomplishments during the next fifty years?

AD.  Farmers Union Supply Company Money Saving Sale.  Free!  Mr. Ford, our manager, will give the following prizes to purchasers – FREE.  On Saturday, March 28, to the person making the largest purchase of General Food Products -- 
three pounds of Maxwell House coffee;  to the person making the second largest purchase of General Food Products – one pound of Maxwell House coffee; and to the purchaser of the third largest, one package of Grape Nuts Flakes.  Specials this week are:  Pure Cane Sugar, 100# bag, $5.05;  pinto beans, recleaned, 100# bag, $4.10;  Pure Corn Meal, 25# bag, 55 cents;  Pure Country Sorghum, one-gallon bucket, 90 cents;  and Alaska Chum Salmon, 1# can, 35 cents.
Little Miss Jane Mansfield entertained 23 little friends with a party Tuesday afternoon to celebrate her 5th birthday.  Each child received an Easter basket containing five eggs.  Refreshments were ice cream chickens and cake.
From Freedom:  Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Jackson and son Joe of Glasgow visited at Stringtown and Freedom last week.-----Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Woods of Knob Lick have moved to their home near Dover Church……Leroyse and Bernice Oliver have scarlet fever.
Messrs. Winn Davis, S. C. Harlin, T. C. Delvaux, R. H. Vaughan, and Ed N. Caldwell spent time this week in Columbia and Bardstown assisting in establishing Rotary Clubs in those towns.
John Matthews, son of Mrs. Lillie B. Matthews fell on the street in Scottsville, where he is in school, and broke his left arm.  He spent the weekend at his home near town, but James is “game” and has returned to his studies.
Want Ads:  For Sale at R. F. Grinstead’s:  Hog Cracklings, fine for chickens and dog feed.-----For Sale: Pianos, Players, Radio and Phonographs New and Second-
Hand, at the lowest prices ever offered.  Also tuning and repairing.  If interested, address B. C. Fulton, Glasgow, Kentucky, General Delivery.
AD.   Let’s Go!  Fishermen!  Fishing Tackles Ready!  We have a complete Fisherman’s line of Rods, Reels, Lines, Lures, Hooks, Bags, and Minnow Buckets.  L. C. Ellis Drug Company, The Rexall Store.

News reached us yesterday of the death at Fountain Run of Mr. John P. Harrison at the age of 88.  He is survived by his wife (3rd) and six children, five by his first  wife and one by the third wife.  We are told he leaves no brother or sister.  He was a Federal soldier in the Civil War, and his death removes another of the old heroes from Monroe County.


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