Wed. May 27th, 2020



07-03 – REP

Mr. J. T. B. Gillenwaters of near Cave City, has obtained a patent on a shoe, which I made principally of shucks, wit metal projections, and serves as a tennis shoe, and for similar purposes.  He has already sold enough interest to put him way ahead and believes his prospects are bright to make a success out of it.



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12-04 – REP

Excitement is high in the Stanley Pool, by the bringing in of a well on the Winlock farm.  It is reported that the well is good for 50 barrels.  This extend the poll north east of the Jenkins well.


12-05 – REP

Last Saturday at midnight, the legal distilling of intoxicating liquor stopped – we hope for all time – when the breweries of the United States closed down.  It is unfortunate that they have a large supply on hand, but under the law the sale of liquor will be illegal after June 30th next in the United states.


12-06 – REP

So far as our information goes, the flu has bout died out in and immediately around Glasgow.  Some sections of the county are so fortunate, in some sections it is on the increase.  We are told the Dr. Froedge, of the Eighty Eight country treated 45 new cased from Friday to Monday.


12-12 – REP


About 150 Christmas boxes were sent from Barren Co. to the boys overseas.  Red Cross has received another big shipment of sock yarn and the ladies are urged to KNIT! KNIT! KNIT!  Those who have refugee garments, will you kindly finish them at once and send them in?


12-10 -REP

Some scoundrel broke the plate glass window of Mr. C C Carden’s jewelry store last Friday night, with a pound and half scale weight, and stole a number of watches and other articles of jewelry and escaped.  So far as we have heard, there is no clue as to the guilty party.


12-11 – REP

Mr. Lonnie Pedigo in a machine and a son of John Dugard, on a bicycle had a collision in front of Frei’s late yesterday afternoon, and the bicycle got much the worst of it.  The boy is not seriously hurt, but got his back dirty.


12-12 – REP

The general merchandise store at Oleoak was burned Monday night, about ten o’clock and everything consumed.  The building belonged to Mr. Sam Wade and the goods to Mr. Walter Pennington.  There was no insurance on either building or good, all was lost.  The loss falls heavily on Mr. Pennington, especially, as it is understood that most of his worldly possessions were in the store.


12-13 – REP



The Corner Drug Store

Dolls, Doll buggies, Wagons, Tricycles, Books, Drums,

Baby Sets, Doll Beds, Rocking Chairs, Etc.



12-14 – GT

The tobacco market opened here at the Planter’s House yesterday morning with about 500,000 pounds on the floor.  After a few sales were made the sale was closed on account of objection to the price wee was bringing.  A protest was made by the several hundred farmers on hand. Speeches were made and a mass meeting was called at the courthouse at one o’clock.  Average price was $14, last year $16.  When it became known that the warehouse was not to blame and was willing to stop the sale, a better feeling was noticed.


12-17 – GT


All now in Pink Wrappers

To save tin foil for Uncle Sam, WRIGLEY’S is now all wrapped in pink paper and hermetically seal in wax.

SPEARMINT – The tangy flavor of mint

JUICY FRUIT – The luscious different flavor

DOUBLEMENT – The soothing flavor of peppermint

Be Sure to get WRIGLEY’S because The Flavor Lasts!


12-18 – GT

Miss Ann Ballard Dickinson will arrive Saturday from the east to spend the Christmas holidays with her parents.


12-19 – GT

Mr. Elbert Jewell has returned from a meeting of the State Board of Embalmers in Louisville.  While the meeting was in progress he was elected president of the board.


12-20 – GT

Mr. T. C. Delvaux has on view in his jewelry store window a French 75 millimeter gun shell sent back to relatives here by Mr. Thos. Dickinson.  The shell came from Verdun, and has been reworked by a brass worker into a vase.


12-21 – GT

Mr. Thomas Reynolds, the well known real estate man, left last week for Florida, and will not return until early spring.  Mr. Reynolds went thru in his machine.


12-24 – GT

Bradford Bros. solicit your automobile business.  Having bought the Glasgow Motor Car Company with 85 tires on hand, we will sell you tires at reduced prices.  Yours for business – Bradford Bros.


12-26 – GT

Mr. J. C. Glenn, formerly of this place, but who has been in Texas several years, returns to Glasgow at an early date to open a first class hotel in the old Davis Hotel Building just below the Liberty Hotel.  Mr. Glenn has many friends here who will welcome his return.


12-27 – GT


Our Government has removed all building restrictions, and the erection of dwellings is urged.  See us for plans and material

The Old Planing Mill Co.



12-28 – GT

Mr. Louis Morris, who was desperately injured in an aeroplane accident in France some months ago, is here on a visit with relatives.  Louis is in fine spirits but is badly hurt and still using a cane.  Louis bears the scars of thirteen wounds received in air fights in August, many of which have not yet healed.


12-31 – REP


Mr. Porter Harrison has a wire saying his son Porter has been killed in France.  This makes two Glasgow boys who were killed in action, the other being Mr. Ed Watson.

Cecil L. Baker of Cave City is reported as having died of wounds in France.

Eugene C. Copas of Slick Rock is missing in action, as are Geo. Renick of Lecta and young Pointer of Savoyard.


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