Mon. May 25th, 2020



10-01 – GT

There will be a Union Patriotic Service at the Methodist Church Sunday night in honor of the boys who have left that congregation to serve their county.  The Congregations of the other Churches are cordially invited to join.

10-02 – GT


As County Health Officer of Barren Co., I order the immediate closing of all public gathering places in Glasgow, to include all theaters, Churches and schools.  It is further ordered that parents keep their children off the streets ant that they discourage their meeting back and forth.  This action taken at the suggestion of the Barren County Council of Defense, in order that the health of our people be guarded against the threatened against epidemic of Spanish Influenza.

10-03- GT

Mr. Jim Bybee, the saw mill man, happened to a very bad accident, yesterday, when he went into a stall to bridle his horse.  The horse turned suddenly, threw Mr. Bybee against the stable, and broke his jawbone.  He was take to Louisville to see a specialist.

10-04 – GT


After Friday’s issue, the Glasgow Times will be used as a weekly paper, appearing Thursday only.  The reasons are many, chief ones of which are:

  • Loss of one of the associate editors – gone to do war work
  • Threatened loss of the remaining associate editor and business manager – also going to war.
  • Loss of linotype operator, scarcity and advance in price of newsprint.
  • Scarcity of printer, and many more good reasons prompt this unwilling step.

With the Times it is simply a question of QUIT OR GO TO A WEEKLY.

10-05 – GT


Spur it on with our national airs and songs played and sung on the


Famous Bands, noted orchestras and the worlds greatest singers make patriotic records exclusively for Victrola.

Victors and Victrola’s $10.00 to $400.00.  Let us demonstrate and explain our easy terms of payment.



10-08 – GT

There are more than one-hundred cases of influenza in town, with whole families being down in some instances.  There is no improvement in the condition due to the shortage in doctors and nurses.  The whole county is in the same condition, and unless there is some improvement many deaths will result in the next twenty-four hours.

10-09 – GT

Mrs. Beda Peers, of the New Salem Country, announces the serious illness of her son, Albert Peers, who has been in Camp Taylor for the past three months.  Mr. Peers has the Spanish influenza which has resulted in pneumonia.  Mr. Peers’ many friends and relatives here are much alarmed about his condition.

10-10 – GT

Thirty-three bodies, all victims of “flu” have been brought thru Glasgow in the past fourteen days.

10-11 – GT

The following letter has been received by the committee in charge regarding the monument to be erected in the courthouse yard here in honor of Confederate soldiers: “Bowling Green, Ky, Messrs. Murray and Page, Glasgow, KY.  Confederate monument is ready for shipment. (signed) W. T. Ennis.”  Subscribers take note and send in what you subscribed.  Other subscriptions are solicited, as we are still short of the amount necessary.

10-12 – REP

Mr. P W Holman is again at his post in the Farmers National Bank, after having spent several weeks in Michigan, avoiding hay fever.

10-15 – REP

Dr. Millard F. Biggers of this place received a telegram yesterday to the effect that his son,  Leo is very ill in a camp at Hoboken, N. J. His father left yesterday afternoon to be with him. [Leo survived and lived to age 88, died in 1978 – RG]

10-16 – REP


Everyone is very busy in the cane field saving cane to make molasses, as Uncle Sam bids everyone to use more molasses and less sugar.

Mr. R. A. Palmore and family who have been living at Edmonton moved back to their home here last week.  Mr. Palmore means to go in service for Uncle Sam soon.

10-17 – REP

Dr. Clifton Richards has been desperately ill, and at one time came near death, but is now improving.  His wife and baby have also been very ill, as have the wife and daughter of Dr. W. C. Richards.  All are now on the road to recovery.  This accounts for the absence of the doctors from their offices.

10-18 – REP

Paper has gone out of sight, labor is up and everything we buy has gone up, and yet we have been publishing the paper at the same price as when everything was at the bottom.  Now we are losing money on subscription, depending on advertising and job work to make it up.  But most of our business men refuse to advertise and all economize in joby work.  The result is that we have to get more for out paper or do something else.  Subscription received through November will be $1.00 per year, but on December first, the Republican will be $1.50 per year.

10-19 – GT

The Liberty Carolers will sing at the Trigg Theatre Tuesday, Friday and Saturday nights of each week.  Everybody come and sing with them.

10-22 – REP

By agreement of the business men of Glasgow and in obedience to the request of the Council of Defense, all business houses now close at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the object being to save fuel.

10-23 – REP


The Most Dreaded Disease Known to Medical Science



Also Good For After Effect

For Sale At All Drug and General Stores

Manufactured by

  1. A. MINICK

Glasgow, KY

10-24 – REP


Will the ladies who have taken sweater yarn to knit, send them in at once, as we expect to make a shipment soon.  Please turn in all sox that are finished at Red Cross Headquarters at once.  Please turn in all finished petticoats for Belgian relief.

10-25 – REP


By order of Barren Circuit Court, all Jurors and witnesses summoned for the November term are excused until further notice, on account of the Flu epidemic.  C. T. POWELL, Sheriff

10-26 – REP


The Etta Oil Co. brought in what looks to be a nice well on the Browning Farm on Boyds Creek.  They have moved the machine to commence another well.  Great excitement is going on over the well drilled on the Jewell Farm on Barren River.  People are arriving from all over the country to see it.  We understand that the well flowed and burnt the machine up.  Mr. Kirk of Pennsylvania has unloaded a large star machine to drill a deep test well on the Francis Farm for Hoffman Oil Co.

10-29 – REP

Mr. Brice Leech and family left last week for Paris, Ky., where Mr. Leech will buy tobacco the coming season for G. O. Tuck and Co.

10-30 – GT

Dr. Lee Botts has returned to the City Hospital, Louisville after a 10 day visit to his parents, Dr. and Mrs. A. T. Botts.  He has been an intern since June.  He will graduate next spring.

10-31 – REP

So far as Glasgow is concerned, the Flu situation is decidedly improved.  The turning of the Grade School building into a hospital was a God-send to the poorer classes of town.  About 40 cases, perhaps more, have been treated there, and there has not been one death.  There is no way of telling how many lives were saved by this move of the enterprising and philanthropic citizens of town.



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