Sun. Jan 26th, 2020







Master James Gadberry, who is visiting in the Hiseville country, happened to a painful accident one day last week when he fell from a wagon and broke his arm.



John Parrish, colored, while digging a well on C. M. Gossom’s place was killed when the wall of the well caved in on him while he was at the bottom of it.  When the body was found Parrish’s, neck was broken, and that death occurred instantly.



John Robinson Shows to be here tomorrow.  45 railway cars loaded with one of the biggest shows on the road.  Everybody come out and spend one day of enjoyment.

Next issue: The circus interfered greatly with the attendance last Friday afternoon.  We fear some regrets upon the part of the absentees when the grades are made up at the end of the monty and 2 ½ per cent is deducted from such grade.



A huge oil tank with a capacity of 10,000 barrels of oil, belonging to the Indian Refining Co., was burned to the ground last Friday Morning at Scottsville.  The tank was struck by lightning during a storm at an early hour.  The loss will be a heavy one to the company, as the tank was almost filled with crude oil.  Following the bolt of lightning flame were shot sky-high, and soon burning oil was running about on the grounds.  All efforts to battle the flames were futile.



Miss Martha and Dorothy Dickinson, the attractive daughters of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Dickinson will leave this week for Greenville, North Carolina for the winter.


Miss Ballard Dickinson leaves his week for Providence R. I. Where she will be a graduate student I Lincoln School.



Pickpockets were active in Glasgow last Friday when John Robinson’s Big Circus was here.  It has been Estimated that at least $500 was filched from the pockets in the crowd around the square.  The hauls ranged from $5 to $50, with a few watches thrown in for good measure.




Major Edgar Caldwell will speak at the Christian Church here next Sunday night.  He will make his address at eight o’clock and recite some of his experiences on the battlefields of Europe. Major Caldwell had a remarkable experience in the great war and fought in all major operations during the time he was “over there.”  Besides lesser engagements he was in the battle of the Marne, Soissons, St. Mihiel, Argonne and others.  He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.


The T. C. Delvaux Jewelry store is undergoing repairs.  A new front will be added, the upstairs is to be remodeled, with an outside street entrance cut, and a general re-working of the entire store planned.  When finished, Mr. Delvaux will have the handsomest jewelry store in Southern Kentucky.



The Glasgow train is daily running late, due to the fact that the water shortage of Glasgow necessitates the pumping of water at the Beaver Creek Pumping Station.




We want a bright boy, to learn the printing trade in this office.  He must be 16 years of age to meet the requirement of the labor laws, fairly well educated and ordinarily intelligent.  The trade of printer is one of the most remunerative in all the various crafts, with steady employment for diligent workmen.



The Trigg Theater has recently been placed under new policy, which involves the spending of several thousand dollars to carry through.  A new $5,000 pipe organ of many musical combinations is to be installed in the next few days; a new projection machine of the latest type has also been ordered; contracts have been closed for the best pictures on the market.



The Barren County Post of the American Legion was organized here last Monday with 50 members.  Officers elected were: Dr. J. S. Young, Commander; Paul Greer, Vice-commander; Thomas C. Dickinson, Adjutant; H. B. Smith, Finance Officer; Prof. H. D. Palmore, Historian; Jesse Hatcher, Master-at-arms.



The brutal murder of Mr. Dave McKinney in Cave City last Wednesday morning by a pistol-carrying madman, serves to recall to the public mind to the danger of pistol-toting.  Such crimes as these could be avoided if citizens would report to the proper officials the coward that struts around with a gun on his hip.



Mr. Artie Francis, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Francis of this place and Miss Katherine Bryant of Hiseville were married in Jeffersonville, while attending the State Fair, and were to have returned to this place last evening.  Mr. Francis is a recently returned soldier and is very popular here.  His bride is a leading belle of Hiseville.  We join their many friends in good wishes.



CAVE CITY — Mr. John Will Stilts of Cave City was kicked on the throat by a young colt Thursday of last week and was taken to Louisville for X-ray examination the next day.  We have not learned the consequence of the accident.



The death of Dr. W. A. Sympson of Glasgow Junction, was not reported in time for our last issue, but occurred Sept 4th, from a stroke of paralysis, superinduced by tuberculosis. He was a native of Monroe county, and for a term was county clerk.  He and his family have lived in Glasgow Junction for several years where he enjoyed a large practice.  His wife and several children survive him.



Mr. Mariott Pedigo and Miss Margaret Rogers were married in the parlors of the Hotel Watterson in Louisville, Tuesday afternoon, but Rev. A. A. Higgins a former minister of the Presbyterian Church at this place.  This was a culmination of a beautiful romance and joins two of Glasgow’s most popular young people.





Messrs. J. W. Barbour and J. L. Wheat of Pekin Ill., who have been visiting here for a week, have returned home.  Mr. Barbour has acquired the patent on an oil cup for oiling machinery, that promises to net him a snug sum.  With his patent, machinery can be oiled with the cup in any position, and the added cost will only be about five cents on each cup.



SUMMERSHADE – Our school is progressing nicely under the principle ship of Miss Lelah Bowles.  Miss Lelah is assisted by two able teachers, Rev. Baldock and Mrs. R. A. Palmore.


Dr. Gordon Clark is now ready for business.  He has a well-equipped office and anyone wanting dental work done should call on him.



Mr. C. M. Foster has accepted employment in the Republican office.  In 1892 Mr. Foster helped “born” the first issue of the Glasgow Republican and was foreman of the printing department for eighteen years and was well known all over this section as a high grade printer.  Since then he has engaged in other lines of employment but now returns to his “First Lover”.


22 -GT

Dr. M. F. Biggers now has offices in the Richardson building.

Dr. Howard has moved his offices to the Lewis building





Some their took a buggy from F. M. Breeding’s Livery Stable, last Sunday night and on Tuesday it was found without any wheels lying on L & N Pike two miles north of town.  The finding of the wheels and the bringing of the guilty party to justice will be liberally rewarded by F. M. Breeding.


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