Thu. Dec 5th, 2019

Barren County High welcomes students, staff for 2019-2020 year

From left: Lane Morris, senior; Briley Buchanan, senior; Amy Irwin; and Lilly Shipley, senior. These students led the opening ceremony at Barren County High School Wednesday. The students helped cheer on students for a new school year. Brennan Crain/ WCLU News.

GLASGOW, Ky. – Students at Barren County High School gathered in the gymnasium Wednesday morning to welcome the new school year.

With a new year comes new opportunities. Principal Amy Irwin was hired as principal this summer and she says she’s excited about what lies ahead for the year.

“’Become more’ is our theme for this school year as a school. It’s also the theme of our work ethics program for seniors and some supports we’re putting in place for them in planning their next steps, whether it be a career, their next step in higher education.,” Irwin says. “All of them have a plan. You know that’s our number one goal. When students complete their educational journey at Barren County High School that they are confident and equipped with their next step – yes, those goals may evolve and change after they leave us, but our hope is that each of them has a beginning plan and that they are set up for success in their next endeavors.”

Irwin spoke to students to kick the day off. She led discussion about the theme for the year, “Become more.” Irwin says the staff has prepared to lead the students to every opportunity they desire.

“We’re going to help you get there, and we’re going to do it together,” Irwin said to students. “And, can’t wait to see you if grow and ‘become more’ this school year.”

Irwin also told students about keeping the kind environment of the school. Irwin says one example of this will be “Thankful Thursdays.”

Barren County High School Principal Amy Irwin helps a student find a classroom Wednesday. Students searched the hallways finding classes as the new year started Aug. 14. Brennan Crain/ WCLU News.

“We may have a few things like that coming up that we haven’t rolled out yet, but we are going to take a Thursday each month, Thankful Thursday, that we are going to work on some activities with students where we all stop a moment and thank others, and we work on those character lessons where we show gratefulness and appreciation, and support for each other,” Irwin says. “I know that even, before me, Mr. Brad Johnson really worked with students and staff on caring for one another, for ‘Trojans looking out for Trojans,’ and we believe that the ‘Thankful Thursdays’ will be one way that we can carry on that tradition that’s so crucial we stop and do that.”

During the ceremony in the gym certain incentives were given as Irwin asked questions to the students. She began by asking students questions like “who wants to be more photogenic?” and “who wants to be more thankful?”

In turn, one student from a plethora of students who raised their hands received an item. Students received items from a free photo session to thank-you cards.

The game went on, but the meaning was a representation of what lies ahead for the year. Irwin says goals have been set and now it’s time to make them happen.

“I’m just super excited for this school year,” Irwin says. “I’m just very honored and humbled to have this opportunity to work with students and staff. I want to brag on the teachers and staff because they have worked diligently with a lot of exciting new instructional strategies, ACT supports and a lot of curriculum development where there’s a lot of new standards rolling out. This is a staff that is very devoted to students and they have very high expectations for themselves and for what they deliver to students in the classrooms. I just want to brag on them and all the hard work they’ve been doing over the past months and what they will be doing in the upcoming weeks to support our students.”

In other news, Barren County Skills received a $150,000 grant from the Barren County Economic Authority. Barren County High School also welcomed 16 new staff members.

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