Wed. Oct 23rd, 2019

Barren County Schools finalizing construction, school to begin in 33 days


Barren County Schools say they are finalizing construction projects on Trojan Trail and preparing for the new school year just 33 days away.

Superintendent Bo Matthews tells WCLU News that open enrollment number are showing positivity. Matthews says Barren County Schools continues to be one of the few districts in the state labeled as a “growth district.”


The district began construction months ago on the Area Technology Center and Innovation Zone. Matthews says the construction is nearing completion.


Finance Director Joe Murley says ending entries are being finalized as the fiscal year ended June 30. According to Murley, the district brought in $35.3 million in revenue and spent nearly $31.5 million.

Students and staff were also recognized. Matthews say two honorary diplomas were given as well.


Director of Instruction and Technology Scott Harper says training is underway this summer for staff. Other professional development days have also been discussed.

Elementary Director of Instruction says new staff are being situated in the district.


Students are set to return to school Aug. 14.

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