Sat. Feb 22nd, 2020

Birthdays and Anniversaries Thursday, September 12, 2019








Matthew Riley 32

Annette Simmons

Sharon Billingsley

Amy Norris Bellamy 50

Paula Tarry

Carol Ann Coffey

Brandon Groce

Aida Becarevic

Tim Lindsey

Ben Smith

Ava Dale

Jeff Wells (60)

Stacy Hiser

Sydney Knicely

Jeff Richey

Pam Bulle

Nathan Woodcock (22)

Kristy Mills

Christy Rogers

Brooke Glass

Ricky Jessie (53)

Mary Logsdon (42)

William Hunley (55)

Jackson Hardin

Lena Davis (12)

Melissa Russell



Earl and Irene Henry 49

Mike and Evie Hopkins

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