Wed. May 27th, 2020

Cave City councilman arrested on terroristic threatening, menacing charges


*Editor’s note: This story contains some language that may be offensive to some readers. Discretion is advised.

CAVE CITY, Ky. – Cave City Council member Donald “Donnie” W. Davidson was arrested Monday after purportedly threatening a police officer last Saturday.

Davidson was placed on the Cave City Council after his brother Larry Davidson died unexpectedly last month. Since taking office, Davidson has already faced opposition. In a recent council meeting, councilmember Beverly Ford requested meeting times be adjusted to facilitate her work schedule.

Davidson refuted Ford’s idea and said he had other things to do when not at council meetings.

Police initially responded to his residence in Cave City to serve an active warrant on his son Joseph Davidson. When officers arrived at the residence, police say they knocked on the door of the home and Donald answered. Another officer was positioned at the back door to prevent an escape, per standard procedure, according to a warrant.

An officer saw a “female look out the blinds of the sliding glass door and heard some conversation inside.” At this time the officer near the back was confronted by Donnie. He purportedly told the officer if he had something to say to Joseph, he should approach the front door and put away his flashlight. At that time police plainly saw Joseph inside the home.

Donnie told officers they had “no right to be on his property,” despite being reminded police had an active warrant. Donnie became aggressive with his language, according to the arrest complaint warrant.

Donnie told an officer, “I should blow your ass off,” the complaint said.

Police told him “that would not be happening.” Donnie went back into the residence at that time and left police wondering if he was going to retrieve a firearm.

Donnie eventually asked to see the arrest warrant but police informed him that the warrant was electronic. In short, police did not have a tangible copy.

Officers eventually left the scene after receiving another call through dispatch. Donnie and his wife “kept shouting” at police until they left.

Donnie was arrested later Monday after a warrant was issued for his arrest under the terroristic threatening and menacing charges.

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