Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

EPB board elects officers, reviews annual write-off procedures


The Glasgow Electric Plant Board essentially reset itself Tuesday night after several months of disputed business.

Tag Taylor was elected to be the board’s chair, while Libby Short was elected to Taylor’s position as secretary-treasurer. Taylor replaces DT Froedge.

Superintendent Billy Ray discusses accounts contributing to the EPB’s $60,000 customer billing debt. The debt is written off bi-annually-every June and December.

The board retracted the use of Robert’s Rules of Order. The parliamentary procedure manual was greatly debated because the board has never used it. Former board attorney Jeff Herbert provided board members with a simplistic copy of “standard parliamentary procedures.” According to Herbert, the board will have to “massage” the procedures to fit their needs.

Superintendent Billy Ray discussed several items. Ray heavily detailed the EPB’s bi-annual write-offs, which occur every June and December.

The board previously adopted a write-off policy that allows the EPB to officially consider account balances that have not been paid for. Ray says there are currently around 300 accounts totaling $60,000 to the EPB.

While the EPB has tried varying methods to track debt, some customers are able to open more accounts that accumulate more debt.


According to Ray, these debts have to be accounted for, but the aggression of how the debts are collected is left to the EPB board.

The EPB purchases electricity from the TVA each month. The debts and refusal of some customers to pay older accounts’ bills is directly reflected in the overall customer monthly charge. Ray says the residential bills and some small business debts cause other customers to make up those costs.


The board voted to allow customers three options to mitigate debt. Those options include paying debt in full, ending service completely, or through the EPB’s iPay feature.

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