Thu. Dec 5th, 2019



The Glasgow EPB Board met last night.

After heated proposal at last month’s special-called board meeting to adopt Robert’s Rules of Order, the Board decided to vote last night for its adoption.

Board Chair D.T. Froedge initially brought the idea to the table last month, and continued to believe that the board should adopt the procedural rules.

Board Member Tag Taylor disagreed with the adoption of the rules due to multiple reasons. Taylor voiced his concern that the rules may give the chair more power and oversight.

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The Board relies heavily on sections of KRS 96.550 and 96.900 for guidance in its procedures. These sections are also known as the Little TVA Act. Under this act, the board is able to reference how proceedings are expected to be completed alongside other utility laws.

Board Counsel Jeff Herbert, who has served as the legal aid to the board for nearly 55 years, said he has never seen procedural problems in his time.

Froedge continued to persist in the idea of having the rules in places, despite Taylor’s rebuttal and Herbert’s input. Froedge said the board needed rule guidance for optimal efficiency.

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Before final voting, Taylor proposed a motion to amend the adoption of the rules. According to Taylor, Robert’s Rules of Order places too much power in the hands of the chair. One way is that Robert’s Rules would require four out of five board to vote in support rather than three out of five. Taylor wanted to keep the three out of five rule.

The board voted on the amendment and it failed. Board Members Marlin Withcer, Mark Biggers, and Froedge were in opposition of the amendment.

The board voted to adopt Robert’s Rules of Order, with Taylor and Harned in opposition. Witcher, Biggers, and Froedge supported the adoption, therefore it passed and the procedural rules were adopted.

WCLU will bring you more coverage of last night’s meeting.

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