Wed. Apr 1st, 2020

Glasgow council votes against ‘benefits’ amendment, attendance worries among council


In a recent meeting of the Glasgow City Council the numerical composition was changed from 12 to nine members. With that reduction comes concern from some council members as to how committees and boards will be maintained.

Councilman Wendell Honeycutt told WCLU News Monday that he is concerned with the ability of the city to maintain committees that council members must serve on. For Honeycutt, he says his job won’t allow him to be away for several meetings.

But, the topic of concern lies in Honeycutt’s proposal before the council voted to reduce the composition. He proposed the council members’ pay be reduced to $500 from the current $717.88 per month allowance. He also proposed all benefits be cut.

The catch? Well, council members don’t receive any benefits.

According to Glasgow City Clerk Mona Simmons, the members are not offered benefits. They do have an option to apply for insurance through the city, but they must pay for it.

With attendance being at the spotlight, WCLU News examined council members’ attendance. According to the attendance log kept at, Councilmembers Sheri Eubank and Patrick Gaunce are at the top of the list for having missed the most meetings whether it be the council or a committee.

Eubank has missed the most. She has missed 10 meetings.

Gaunce has missed eight. He is followed by Joe Trigg who has missed five meetings and was tardy to one council meeting. James “Happy” Neal has missed three committee meetings. Marna Kirkpatrick, Marlin Witcher, Chasity Lowery and Freddie Norris have missed two meetings each.

Terry Bunnell and Wendell Honeycutt have missed one meeting a piece.

The councilmembers with the best attendance? Gary Norman and Brad Groce. Neither has missed a single council or committee meeting.

You can keep up with attendance to all committees and boards at

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