Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020



On Tuesday, March 28th, Officer Hicks with the Glasgow Police Department responded to Sam Terry Avenue in reference to a vehicle that had traveled off the roadway. Upon arrival Officer Hicks saw a vehicle hat had traveled off the roadway and collided with a tree. It appeared that the vehicle had kept traveling straight on a dead end street. Officer Hicks then made contact with Justice Austin of Glasgow who was speaking on the phone with his girlfriend. It appeared that Austin had slurred speech so Officer Hicks asked Austin if he was under the influence of any drugs which he stated he was not. Officer Hicks asked if Austin would consent to a field sobriety test and Austin stated that he would. While performing HGN Austin had red glossy eyes. Austin declined to consent to One Leg Stand and Walk & Turn due to medical reasons. Girlfriend and owner of the vehicle, Chelsea Murrhee arrived on the scene. At this time Officer Houchens gained consent to search the vehicle. While searching the vehicle Officer Hicks found a rolled brown blunt in the floor board. Officer Hicks retrieved this blunt and noticed that it had been smoked and had Synthetic drugs rolled up inside of it. Officer Houchens then found another blunt inside the vehicle that contained Synthetic drugs as well. Officer Hicks then read Austin his rights and Austin waived his rights to remain silent and then declined to smoking anything. Austin was transported to TJ Hospital for a blood test. Officer Hicks read implied consent, Austin wanted to contact an attorney. Officer Hicks allowed Austin to call Murrhee to call said the attorney. Austin refused to submit to a blood test while at TJ. Austin was transported to Barren County Detention Center.