Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Murray named director of Barren County Parks and Recreation

Maxie Murray stands near the concession area of Jackie Browning Park Jan. 31, 2020. Murray was recently named the director of Barren County Parks and Recreation.
Photo by Brennan Crain/WCLU News.


GLASGOW, Ky. – Maxie Murray became involved with fast-pitch softball as a father, and he continues to share his passion with the sport. But not only does he live out the passion, he gets paid for it.

Murray was hired as the newest Barren County Parks and Recreation Director last month. He said he discovered the job was available after close friend and former director Charles Kerney resigned the position.

Murray said he and Kerney have known each other for a long time. It was through that friendship and Kerney’s eventual leaving that inspired Murray to reach out about the job.

“Charles made this about the kids,” Murray said.

Barren County Judge/ Executive Micheal Hale has spent an amount a time developing opportunities for young students in the community through the Barren County Parks and Recreaction. Murray said that same initiative was resonated through Kerney.

Xander Jones manages Jackie Browning Park,. He said Jones practically runs the framework of the park, including scheduling, management of the concession area and sports registration.

“Xander does a lot of things for me,” Murray said. “It’s great to see young adults getting that experience.”

A host of other students work at Jackie Browning Park through the sports seasons, too. Murray said that was one reason he wanted to accept the job as parks director.

“I love seeing progressive skill development,” Murray said. “It’s how you finish at the end and communicate with your peers and coaches.”

Jackie Browning Park is the primary park associated with the county parks and recreation department. Murray’s duties include upkeep and financial well-being of the park grounds.

Barren County Fiscal Court Magistrate Trent Riddle told the court at its Jan. 21 meeting that signage would be leased along the fencerows at Jackie Browning Park. That leasing fee is $500 annually for corporate or business sponsorships.

“We may reduce the cost after the first year, depending on how long you want to rent the sign,” Riddle said.

Four magistrates have pledged money toward two signs, which cost $250 each. Those magistrates include Carl Dickerson, Tim Coomer, Jeff Botts and Trent Riddle.

“That’s impressive to me,” Murray said.

Beside the Jackie Browning Park signage sponsorships, Murray said he’s coordinating partnerships and field signage sponsorships.

“We’re trying to get people involved,” Murray said.

While he’s been at work for a little over a month, Murray said he continues to learn new things each day. However, the job has been enjoyable.

“It’s been a great experience this far in,” Murray said.

Barren County Parks and Recreation’s spring sports sign-ups are live. Murray said the league is open to anyone in Glasgow, Barren, Hart and Metcalfe Counties.

The sign-ups are live through March. For additional information, the Barren County Parks and Recreation can be found on Facebook.

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