Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

Episode Eight: Sanctuary cities, local needs and late-night cookie runs


As the first full week of 2020 concludes, the start and continuation of many ideas looms around the nation, Kentucky and Glasgow.

In this week’s episode of Convergence, join Brennan and Daniel for a look at the Kentucky General Assembly’s direction as they kick off the 2020 session. From budget to voting laws, the General Assembly has taken swift action already to initiate significant legislation.

Closer to home, the Downtown Park proposal moves through committee as the Glasgow City Council is set to vote on whether they believe the park’s vitality will proceed.

Also, Metcalfe County looks ahead to voting on a resolution making it a “Second Amendment sanctuary city.” A lot of counties are looking to take these steps as a stance toward protecting infringements on the right to bear arms, but does a resolution have power?

Have you tried navigating Glasgow at midnight? It’s not that hard, but you may be surprised to find strange things happen after midnight in Glasgow!

Join Daniel and Brennan this week for talks, laughs and a joke or two. All on Convergence!


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