Thu. Apr 9th, 2020

Episode five: Helping the Hardworking for the Holidays


Jamie Bewely Byrd joins Brennan and Daniel this week for talks about an idea she recently had: Helping the Hardworking for the Holidays.

If you work, pay bills and feel like your caught in the never ending cycle of life – we get it.

Jamie does too.

That’s why she has garnered support from local citizens to contribute money to help the hardworking during this holiday season. As you’ll hear, she tells Daniel and Brennan that her goal is to serve 10 families. Hopefully that number will grow next year, and more and more gifts will make their way to families.

Tune in to Convergence to hear the latest happenings around Glasgow and Barren County. Oh, and don’t forget, get those submissions in to  by Dec. 15!


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