Mon. May 25th, 2020

Redefining age: Glasgow resident defies age ‘norms’

James Denton poses with a deer he killed. Denton is an 82-year-old huntsman and angler from Barren County. Courtesy of James Denton.


Some say you’re as young as you feel. For 82-year-old James Denton, age is just a reflection of a life full of memories.

For an 82-year-old, Denton gets around well, at least around the lakes and woods of the southeast. Denton is an avid angler and huntsman. For him, being outdoors is simply a way of life.


Denton says he’s been fishing and hunting for nearly 70 years. Equipped with a small gun and a willingness to learn, 12-year-old Denton started a lifelong hunting hobby by going on quail hunting trips with his father and grandfather.


Little did Denton know that some years later, after hunting with his father and grandfather, he would make history in Kentucky. Equipped with a 55-pound bow, Denton went out in search of a prized deer after Kentucky legalized bow hunting in 1958.


According to Denton, not only did he find a deer, but he made history, too.


Denton says he stopped hunting after killing 35 deer. He says he took to quail hunting some years later, but he mainly hunts rabbit now. Denton says he takes his three beagles Jack, Snoopy and Jake with him on most rabbit hunts nowadays.


Hunting isn’t the only outdoor activity Denton loves to do. He says fishing is one of his favorite activities. In fact, he goes about three times a week. Denton says he has fished many lakes including Barren River, Lake Cumberland and Kentucky Lake.


Denton was recently filmed for a KET program called “Kentucky Afield.” The show is primarily based on highlighting Kentuckians dedicated to the outdoors.

Denton says fishing gives him a thrill. For Denton, this is the reason he still feels so young.

A Glasgow Daily Times newspaper clipping shows James Denton posing with a doe he killed in 1958. Denton was the first person in Kentucky to kill a deer with a bow. Courtesy of James Denton.

But, no worries if you’re not a huntsman or angler. Denton says it’s important to stay active and busy to feel young. Before he hits the lake, Denton says he walks a mile every day and plays about two hours of billiards along the way.

And, if that sounds extensive, Denton says he mows four yards and is an avid University of Kentucky sports fan.

Denton will be featured on this week’s episode of KET’s “Kentucky Afield.” Denton is featured with host Chad Miles on a recent fishing trip at Barren River Lake.The show is scheduled to air July 13 at 7 p.m.

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