Wed. May 27th, 2020

Searching within: college friends open downtown dance studio

Recent WKU graduate Trevor Edwards instructs 10-year-old Dakota Lile in a lesson Monday at SOMA dance studio in downtown Glasgow. Edwards is a Glasgow native. Brennan Crain/ WCLU News.





GLASGOW, Ky. – Finding a passion in life is one thing but pursuing it is another. For longtime college friends and young business owners Trevor Edwards and Abbey Lutts, dancing is not only a passion but a way of life. 

While both graduated from Western Kentucky University, Edwards graduated with a degree in dance on a scholarship from the Governor’s School for the Arts. Lutts graduated this past year. 

Upon graduating from WKU, Edwards moved to Nashville to work under the direction of choreographer Jessi Peralta. Edwards also says he worked with Jon Lehrer and toured much of the east coast with his dance company. 

Edwards says he was influenced to teach dance after working with Peralta. He danced with several companies and worked a retail job in Nashville, but one day decided he wanted a different lifestyle.


After obtaining the North Race Street property, office manager Chris Hobdy formulated the name SOMA. 


But dancing isn’t the only activity one can find at SOMA. Hobdy says his idea of SOMA relates to discovering one’s self from within. Hobdy says SOMA also hosts yoga as a method to do this. 

Like many in recent news, Edwards is inspired to bring a new outlook to Glasgow and the surrounding community. He says he noticed many artists leaving the very communities that built them, but he wanted to change that. 


Edwards says he started dancing his junior year of high school in the same building where SOMA is today. Lutts began her dancing career in her hometown of Knoxville, Tenn. when she was four. 

Lutts says her plan was to eventually open a dance studio, but she says she expected it to be at least a decade after graduating. Luckily for Lutts, Edwards brought the opportunity to her soon after graduating. 


Lutts says SOMA offers many styles of dancing including ballet, jazz, modern, contemporary, tap, improv, musical theatre, pointe, hip-hop, ballroom and body physics. In the mix of these dances Edwards and Lutts also integrate context for their clients. 

For 10-year-old Dakota Lile, she says one of her favorite activities in the classes at SOMA is learning history and context with the dances. Lile attends a private session weekly. 

Dakota Lile listens as Trevor Edwards demonstrates a move during a dance lesson at SOMA studio. Brennan Crain/ WCLU News.

Lile’s mother says Dakota has always liked to dance but she has never pursued professional lessons. Lile has been involved in gymnastics around four years. 

Lile says she has danced in activities like school theatrical productions. Lile is a student at Highland Elementary and says she recently used her gymnastic abilities to perform in Annie Junior and the Lion King productions.

Hobdy tells WCLU News that a  free “dance fitness” session will be held Aug. 3. SOMA is hosting an open enrollment Aug. 5-9. SOMA will also host a grand opening Aug. 17 for the community. Hobdy says the grand opening will be “very informative,” detailing ways people of all ages can be involved in happenings at the studio. 


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