Tue. May 26th, 2020

Weldon Park walking trail opens amid continued coronavirus restrictions


GLASGOW, Ky. – An additional city park has opened amid coronavirus restrictions.

Weldon Park, along Glasgow’s Cleveland Avenue, was opened Monday alongside Beaver Creek Park. The Glasgow City Council moved at its April 27 meeting to open the park with limited amenities.

Councilperson Patrick Gaunce proposed to open an additional park at an earlier meeting and proposed the idea again last Monday. He said several parks and greenspaces in Frankfort are open and Glasgow should be no different.

“These kids need somewhere to go, out in the park,” Gaunce said. “Frankfort’s got their parks open, and greenspaces. And if they have theirs open, I don’t know why we couldn’t open up at least one park on the other side of town.”

Gaunce cited the inability for several children and families to access Beaver Creek Park, which sets in Glasgow’s far northside. Weldon Park provides a more central location and better access, according to the Gaunce.

“We’ve got Beaver Trail, but not everybody’s got cars and access to get over there,” Gaunce said.

Danny Basil, Glasgow city attorney, said the playgrounds must remain closed due to restrictions imposed by the state. Basketball courts, playground equipment and other amenities are closed beside the walking trail.

The Kentucky League of Cities provided directives to the city when issues were directed from Gov. Andy Beshear’s administration.

Harold Armstrong, Glasgow mayor, said a plan would need to be sent to KLC for approval before the additional park was opened. That plan was approved last week.

The council determined both Beaver Creek Park and Weldon Park could not be open at the same time because of limited staffing at the Glasgow Parks and Recreation. Armstrong said staff monitor the parks, and he visits twice daily to ensure park-goers are following restrictions.

Weldon Park will be available to the public Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Beaver Creek Park’s schedule will allow people to visit Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

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